Cake of the Month Membership

Simply sign up and pay the membership fee, then receive 1 cake a month automatically for a year with no extra shipping costs!

How it works, you give us your name, email, phone number, and address. Pay the membership fee and you’re in!

What you get, you’ll receive a predetermined list of cakes that you’ll receive throughout the year. Also if you order any more cakes, you’ll get a great members-only discount!

How much you save, normally with shipping and tax you will pay on average $26.48 per cake. For 12 cakes that’s almost $320! If you sign up for our new annual membership, you’ll only pay $258.00! That saves you over $60! Plus, any additional cakes you order you will receive a 20% discount per cake!

Don’t let this deal pass you by! Sign up before Feb 1st and get January’s cake for free! Check out our pricing schedule based on when you sign up below.

  • Sign up before Feb 1st        $236.50 + you get January’s cake of the month free!
  • Before March 1st               $215.00
  • Before April 1st                  $193.50
  • Before May 1st                   $172.00
  • Before June 1st                  $150.50
  • Before July 1st                   $129.00
  • Before August 1st              $107.50

Our membership enrollment closes until January of the next year after August 1st, so sign up before it’s too late!

*Membership discounted pricing is not valid with other offers or promotions.
*Membership Program & Discounts are only available for online orders.
*Cakes are sent out after the 1st of each month.
*Please allow 24-48 hours from time of purchase for your membership discount to be activated in our system.

Our Current Cakes for the year 2017 are as follows;

January - Bavarian Cream
February - Chocolate Raspberry
March - Cinnamon Chip
April - Lemon
May - Chocolate Chip
June - Apple Cinnamon Supreme
July - Blueberry Cream Cheese
August - Strawberry
September - Raspberry Cream Cheese
October - Triple Cinnamon
November - Pumpkin
December - Coconut Rum

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